10A Special



10A Standard


  • Subchassis: The construction warrants an optimal firmness between arm and platter. At the same time the subchassis is self cushioned, and the overall construction results in a resonance-free design.
  • Platter: Made of solid stainless steel or titanium according to the style of turntable. A top layer provides an intense contact with minimal reflection between platter and record. Each platter is internally cushioned to provide absolute rest and feedback insensitivity.
  • Bearing: Ball seated slide bearing constructed for silent course and optimal energy transfer. Made with minimal attainable tolerance
  • Motor: Fuzzy control direct current motor, for immeasurable precise parallel course. Continuously adjustable, standard 33 1/3 and 45 r.p.m.
  • Belt: Made of seamless cloth with special coating. Developed for optimal contact between motor and platter with rumble free course.
  • Chassis: Guaranteed for optimal delivery of energy to standing point.
  • Springs: Cushioned steel springs for isolation of external vibrations.
  • Counterweight: Produces a well-balanced spring action and intake of energy.
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